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Functional Plant Fibres

Interfiber, Poland

  • Apple fibre AP 200 25kg

  • Cocoa fibre CO 20kg

  • Bamboo fibre BF30 20kg

  • Bamboo fibre BF90 20kg

  • Bamboo fibre BF200 15kg

  • Cellulose fibre PF30 20kg

  • Cellulose fibre PF90 20kg

  • Cellulose fibre PF100 20kg

  • Cellulose fibre PF200 15kg

  • Flaxseed fibre SL 25kg

  • Oat fibre OF90 20kg

  • Oat fibre OF200 15kg

  • Wheat fibre WF30 20kg

  • Wheat fibre WF90 20kg

  • Wheat fibre WF200 15kg

  • Cellulose Fiber and Sorbic Acid 15%
    (Cheese anti-caking blend) 20kg

We have the ability to source a vast range of ingredients. If a product of interest is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9859 3088 or email

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