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Tapioca Starches

General Starch Ltd, Thailand

  • Low Moisture Premium Tapioca Starch moisture Max 9% 25kg

  • Native Tapioca F108E (pre-gel) 25kg

  • Native Tapioca Starch S02 <30ppm 25kg

  • Premium Native Tapioca Starch S02 <10ppm 15kg

  • Premium Native Tapioca Starch S02 <10ppm 25kg


E1400 (Dextrin)

  • Gelpro F551E 25kg

  • Gelpro F552E 25kg

E1404 (Oxidised Starch)

  • Gelpro F104E (pre-gel) 25kg 

  • Gelpro F105E 25kg

  • Gelpro F86E 25kg

  • Gelpro F88E (pre-gel) 25kg


E1412 (Distarch Phosphate)

  • Adhesion Batter B TACK D 25kg

  • Adhesion Batter B TACK P 25kg

  • Gelpro F801E (pre-gel) 25kg

  • Gelpro F802E (pre-gel) 25kg

  • Gelpro MH 25kg


E1414 (Acetylated Distarch Phosphate)

  • Gelpro AC20 25kg

  • Gelpro X50 25kg


E1420 (Acetylated Starch)

  • Gelpro A65 25kg


E1422 (Acetylated Distarch Adipate)

  • Starfirm 48 25kg

  • Starfirm 68 25kg


E1440 (Hydroxypropylated)

  • Gelpro F107E 25kg

  • Gelpro F805E (pre-gel) 25kg

  • Gelpro F91E 25kg

  • Gelpro HP33 25kg


E1442 (Hydroxypropylated Distarch Phosphate)

  • Gelpro F807E (pre-gel) 25kg

  • Gelpro HC30 HV 25kg

  • Gelpro HC48 25kg

  • Gelpro HC715 25kg

  • Gelpro HC715HV 25kg

  • Gelpro HC715ITL 25kg

E1450 (Sodium Octenyl Succinate (OSA))

  • Gelpro F806E 25kg

  • Multi Cap 40 25kg

We have the ability to source a vast range of ingredients. If a product of interest is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9859 3088 or email info@agrifi.com.au