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Tapioca Starches

General Starch Ltd, Thailand

Native Tapioca Starch

  •        Low Moisture Premium Tapioca Starch -  Max 9% moisture

  •        Premium Native Tapioca Starch

  •        Pre gel Native Tapioca Starch

Clean Label - Functional Native Starch’s & Flours

The Ntex range from GSL provides multiple options of clean label Tapioca starch’s and flours, in both cookup and pre gel formats.


Modified Starch’s

The “Gel Pro” and “Starfirm” product ranges from GSL offer an extensive scope of functionalities, textures and process tolerances. 


Coating & Adhesion Specific starch’s

GSL’s specifically designed “B Tack” range of Tapicoa Starch’s offer superior coating adhesion, whilst also offering additional benefits such as minimising oil pickup.


To discuss the ideal Tapioca Starch solution for your application, please contact one of our technical sales team or contact us on (03) 9859 3088 or email

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