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Agri Food Ingredients source products from leading manufacturers worldwide. All of our suppliers are carefully vetted and have internationally recognized quality accreditation systems.

General Starch Limited produce a vast range of tapioca origin modified starches , clean label starches and high grade traditional native starch.  Today they have positioned themselves as one of the major Modified Starch Manufacturer in Thailand.


Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc. (GCI) is a privately held and operated flavour manufacturer that has been satisfying taste since 1985.  GCI’s extensive capabilities include custom flavours, flavour matching, natural and vegan suitable flavours (meat, seafood dairy type flavours) across liquid and powder formats.


SETHNESS ROQUETTE, the world leader in caramel colours, was founded in 1880 to specialize in just that – the production of the highest quality caramel colours. Today, with expanded manufacturing capabilities producing a broader range of products in the United States, France, India and China, SETHNESS ROQUETTE is one of the very few caramels suppliers with a global industrial footprint.


Oregon Potato Company (OPC) is an innovative grower of potatoes, vegetables & fruits. Their plants span three states with operations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Steam-cooked potatoes are mashed and quickly drum dried into thin sheets of low-moisture potato. Sheets are then broken into flakes of specified mesh size. Frozen vegetables are cooked and frozen to customer requirements and specification.


Interfiber ® is a producer and supplier of high quality fibre: wheat fibre, bamboo fibre, cellulose fibre, oat fibre, as well as pea fibre. Unicell ®fibers provide excellent water and oil retention, as well as functional properties. The quality of the Unicell® products are subject to strict control and are guaranteed by ISO 22000  and  BRC 6  safety  systems. They are also Kosher and Halal certified.

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Shafi Gluco Chem is Pakistan’s leading producer and exporter of rice syrups and rice protein. They have been supplying high quality natural sweeteners and proteins globally since 2003. Their product range includes Rice Syrups, Maltodextrins & Rice Syrup Solids, Rice Proteins & Concentrates, Organic Rice Products and Rice Flour.


Cascade Specialties, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of naturally grown, extra low bacteria onion and garlic products worldwide. They have been committed to producing quality dehydrated onion since their establishment in 1993.

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PPZ NOWAMYL S.A. is the only producer of potato starch and maltodextrin in West Pomerania region of Poland where potato processing and potato starch production has a long tradition dating back over 100 years. Their products are Non-GMO and are Kosher, HACCP and ISO 9001:2001 certified.

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